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Auto Optical Fastener Inspection Machine


Screw sorting machine is designed with glass platform


Suitable for inspecting fastener <m3.0 of 3C/electronic application



  • Appling component: Fastener, micro screw, micro parts
  • Suitable for inspecting fastener <m3.0 of 3C/electronic application
  • Sorting range: MO.6-M3 standard
  • Application: screws of mobile phone, MP3, PDA, notebook, digital camera
  • Speed: Non-stop Inspection with High Speed 600~1000 parts per minute
  • user-friendly ,easy for operation and maintenance

Inspection criteria

fastener parts head width / height / pinhole depth / recess shape / burr in recess/ spiral thread / thread I.D. / thread E.D./ neck length / shank vertical / screw length / first thread / drunk thread / head crack / plating / insert nut thread / burr / dimension / etc.



Series No. ACV-16041
Appling component Micro screw, special micro parts, semiconductor parts
Diameter of component M0.6-M4 standard
Length of component 25mm
Head Width 25mm
No. of CCD 2 CCD
Vision system Highly magnified CCD camera / light source sets
Software Accuvision Pro-V II version 2.5
Supply and output Feeding bowl / linear track / sorting bins (Good/NG)
Speed 600~1000 pcs/min
Power AC 220 - 240V / 50Hz
Mainframe Industrial computer, MITSUBISHI servo motor, Industrial CCD, Telecentric lens
Machine spec. 1065mmL×860mmW×1,855mmH