AQVision International, Inc.

Advance Quality Vision

Fastener Inspection Machine

AQvision offer proffessional auo optical inspection machine and service. we commit to provide “Advance Quality Vision” to the Fastener Industry with the cutting edge of vision system inspection machines provided by Accuvision Technology Inc., Taiwan.Read More

Glass Dial Inspection Machine for inspection all kind of special parts, fasteners

ACV-1604 series

Micro parts and Fastener inspection machine

Can be used for inserts, nuts washers, stamped parts and can also be ordered for headed parts that can be stood on their heads. The machine is very effective for cracked heads on headed parts with a top view and bottom view camera. Up to six cameras can be added to the machine depending on the customer’s needs.

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Steel Dial Sorting Machine for Auto Parts

ACV-1605 series

Auto parts and larger fastener sorting machine

Is used for small and medium diameter headed fasteners at a high rate of speed. The standard machine is a three camera system with a top view camera and two side view cameras. An addition top view camera can be added with a 360 degree lens for viewing side head cracks.

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